Our history dates back to 2014. Originally, we specialised in working at heights and installing electrical installations. Over the years, through consistent action, we combined our passion with environmental responsibility and the Renewable Energy Sources (RES) industry.

From the very beginning, we wanted to be active in beautiful Bavaria, a fascinating region with picturesque landscapes, extraordinary development potential and open-minded people. However, our dream of merging passion with work in this region resulted in the development of Skyinstal. Today, as a team of 35 outstanding people, we focus on providing the highest quality service to our customers including the installation of AC and DC photovoltaic systems as well as individual design and planning of the work.

We work with products from reputable manufacturers including: Jolywood, Hyundai, Jinko, GoodWe, Sungrow, Solax, CWL.

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Skyinstal is an innovative company specializing in three key services in Bavaria. We are a qualitative leader in the installation of AC and DC photovoltaic installations, and we also offer high-quality installation design services. Our team keeps up with European trends, providing a stable and long-term partnership for the installation of the systems sold by the customer.

Our company is particularly focused on the highest installation standards, while not forgetting safety standards, which is why we work on products of reputable manufacturers by BG BAU, including safety entanglements, scaffolding and safety ropes.

Installation of DC photovoltaic systems

We are specialised in the installation of systems on all kinds of roof and ground cover and structures. There is nothing that can surprise us.

We are familiar with all installation standards and guidelines, modules and mounting systems from reputable manufacturers.

We continuously educate ourselves on new solutions offered by the market in order to meet the highest demands of our customers.

in neuen Lösungen, die der Markt bietet, um den höchsten Ansprüchen unserer Kunden gerecht zu werden.

Installation of photovoltaic AC systems

Our focus is on providing comprehensive services. For this reason, our team also consists of qualified electricians who take care of the installation of inverters (Wechselrichter), batteries (Speicher) and wallboxes. Once the installation is completed, we provide training for customers and install a customised application.

We also have teams that can provide a DC and AC installation service simultaneously, on the same day.

Professional design of installations

We are involved in a very precise audit and design of the entire installation. We use among others PV Sol, Easy Solar, K2. The service can be requested independently of the installation. Our team develops personalised designs, taking into account technical, budgetary and aesthetic parameters.

We prepare: visualisations, solutions to optimise work and costs, list of materials required for the order, a working draft with measurements, photographic documentation taken by drone.

Long-term installation service

We provide maintenance services for the inspection and long-term and proper functioning of the installation.

In response to market needs, we also carry out a wide range of service work for the repair of installations made by other companies. We bring them up to a quality that meets the requirements of functionality and safety.

We are also responsible for the customer’s reputation during installation – by identifying with them, we ensure a sense of brand unity and get positive feedback from installation owners for them.



Customer care: assistance in the selection of components, design of the entire system on site before or during installation, we look for solutions if an unexpected problem arises. Personal manager. Maintenance services - we can work together for many years.


Working A to Z: we take on every challenge and never leave a customer with their installation unfinished. We keep information and photo records. We provide acceptance protocols after completed installations.


Installations on any possible surface: tiles, sheet metal, facade, membrane, bitumen membrane, ballasted systems, ground systems, welded (non-ballasted) systems for bitumen membrane and bitumen membrane, carports.


Qualified team: high personal culture, equipped with modern tools and professional clothing. Knows how to take care of the customer's reputation.


We specialise in the design and construction of installations in the 1 - 1000 kwp range.


We carry out small and medium sized installations up to 15 kwp within 1-2 working days, whilst maintaining all industry standards.


As experts in the photovoltaic industry, we are proud of the numerous successes and references from satisfied customers. Our reputation is based on trust, professionalism and the passion we bring to every project.
" Very polite and friendly employees. They completed the installation in one day in accordance with the project and my recommendations. Afterwards, they cleaned all drainpipes and cleared up all the rubbish for me and the team manager came to check that everything was ok. I highly recommend the team Christoph, Taras and Max!"
Anton - München
"The team's work was characterized by impeccable tidiness. They arrived on site well organised and took care of the cleanliness during the installation of the panels. Once the work was completed, the order was completely restored, leaving no trace."
Peter - Neufahrn
"I was extremely impressed by the accuracy and precision of the installation. The photovoltaic panels were fixed solidly and aesthetically. The team showed a lot of knowledge and experience, which was reflected in the high quality of the installation."
Patrick - Grafing
"The installation process itself was well organised and efficiently carried out. The team was well-coordinated and demonstrated excellent technical skills. The work was carried out quickly and accurately and the end result exceeded my expectations. The photovoltaic panels are solidly fixed and work flawlessly."
Nikolaus - München


Our experienced team ensures precise installation, using best practice and the latest technology to ensure maximum efficiency and safety for customers.

If you are looking for a reliable photovoltaic partner in Bavaria, Skyinstal is the right choice. We guarantee the highest safety standards, a personal approach to the customer and comprehensive support at every stage of the service.

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